Thursday, 11 August 2016

Mobile Workforce Management and Happiness

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Mobile workforce management solution, we often hear that the most important criteria is saving on drive time
Your happiness depends on balancing a customer-friendly assignments plan with a resource-effective assignments plan.
But one of the most challenging planning tasks is translating business goals to day-to-day assignments schedules.
Customer satisfaction is strongly related to the contractual agreement between you and your customers, or more specifically, the service level agreement (SLA) part of the contract. So you must translate SLA metrics (e.g., uptime, turnaround time) into planning and execution policies, decisions and best practices.
When creating a plan, there may be a lot of focus on meeting service commitments. But you have to examine the risk of keeping your service commitments when something goes wrong.
Defining and prioritizing your objectives correctly has significant impact on your business. These critical decisions are the key to happiness in mobile workforce management.
Balancing the needs of customer, field employee and the Organization is a critical part which can be done with #EFFORT

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